No woman should die while trying to give birth to life!

No woman should suffer the indignity of an obstetric fistula… No woman should die while trying to give birth to life!

This has been my message and my mission since the time I discovered what fistula was and will continue to be until we eradicate fistula in Africa. It is definitely possible! Fistula was eradicated in North America, the UK, and western Europe in the early 1900s. This tells us that the capacity to eradicate the prolonged, obstructed labour that causes obstetric fistula has been in our hands for several generations.

Tomorrow, May 23rd is the International Day to End Obstetric Fistula. This is another time to remind us all of our responsibilities in creating awareness about this tragic childbirth injury.

To talk more about my work, I had an interview with Plus TV which will be aired tomorrow. I’m also very happy that a highly skilled surgeon and long term partner of the Extended Hands Foundation, Dr Sa’ad Idris was interviewed for this feature.

Watch the interview tomorrow by 1:30pm on DSTV channel 408.


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