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“We forgot this beautiful thing we had” – Couple Talks About Their Marital Journey On MMF

There are lots of issues that can take its toll on a marriage no matter how long it’s been. Both newly weds and couples who have been married for several years face their own fair share of challenges, and many times, we help each other out by sharing and listening.

This is what we aim to achieve on the ‘Talk To Steph’ segment of Make Me Fabulous show. On each episode of the show, we have a no-holds-barred discussion about the marital journey of our guest couple and the challenges they’ve been facing in their marriage. Trust me when I say this helps a lot!

I’m so grateful to all the couples who have bared their hearts out to us on the show and I hope their fabulous experience would strengthen their marriage and help them surmount some of these challenges.

Here is a short clip from my chat with Geraldine and Emmanuel. 


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