5 Accessories That Will Make Your Outfit Pop

‘A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.’ – Oscar De La Renta couldn’t have put it better!

Ladies, whether you’re rocking a simple dress or one that’s setting major style goals, your accessories is what can really set it apart. Accessorizing an outfit can make or break an outfit, so here are some tips to give you an idea of where to start. 🙂

Tip #1: Add a POP with your purse!
Big bags, small bags, purses, clutches or satchels with fun colors or prints are the easiest way to brighten up an outfit. You can add a cute multi-print bag to a single coloured outfit and elevate the look entirely. Or, if you love keeping it simple and classy, a gold or silver clutch like this one I styled recently will do the trick!

Tip #2: All jeweled up!
Jewelry… where do I even start?! The possibilities are truly endless. Whether you want to go minimal or wear a bold statement piece, there are several ways to jazz up your look with the right piece of jewelry. I love styling a simple outfit with bold earrings. I also love having those blings on my hand with rings and bangles. 

Tip #3: Buckle it out!
If you want to draw some attention to your waist, belts are the way to go. Not only will it make your waist look tiny, but adds a high fashion twist to anything you wear. Belts are a great way to put together a clean element to any outfit and they clinch your waist perfectly in a long flowing dress.

Tip #4: Put a ring on it!
This time-honoured piece of jewellery has the potential to amp up your outfit instantly. While different rings work with different outfits, there are some that you can wear with almost anything! Go for something that is of good quality so that it doesn’t start rusting after the first wear.

Tip #5: Don’t forget your hair!
Topping off an outfit with a great hairstyle is always a good idea. And if you don’t feel too confident with your hair, you can rock a suitable turban or hat.  Sometimes adding a cap is that finishing touch your outfit needs.

Bonus tip –  Finger and Toe nail polish could be a huge change in one’s look. I know from personal experience, having your nails and toes with the right polish would make a big difference in your outfit.

So ladies, add some lovely accessories to that outfit today and step out looking glam!


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