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What’s the colour for the season?

Summer is here! Colours are out with a splash! What colours do you think will rock Summer of 2023? See what we found: Soft-Blue: represents relaxation. Butter Yellow: represents sunshine and warmth. Magenta: represents self-expression and boundless energy. Green:…


Change Your Look: How accessories can elevate your look

Accessories are often the last thing we think about when putting together an outfit, but they’re the essential part of an entire look. Where would we be without our favorite jewelry pieces, shoes, handbags, sunglasses etc.? We all have…


How To Style A Polka Dot Outfit (With Pictures)

Polka dot dresses are fun and playful, creating a great template for adding accessories. When styling polka dots, make it the focal point of your outfit, so your accessories need to complement it rather than compete with it. Black…