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Fun Facts About Boxing Day!

Steph in Christmas Hat

Christmas this year for me was wonderful! Thanks to all the beautiful people in my life who made it special.

But after Christmas day comes Boxing day. A day that I’ve always been excited about since I was a kid.

We’d get together and playfully box each other, wishing ourselves ‘Happy Boxing Day’. But more importantly, it was a day when we made sure our parents or older uncles and aunties gave us a treat or took us out.

But did you know Boxing day is more than that? Here are some fun facts I found about Boxing day:

1. Boxing Day is called boxing day because it was the day the family opened the box for the poor.

2. The Christmas Box was often made of clay or wood and was where people placed gifts.

3. During the age of exploration, a Christmas Box would be placed on a ship for good luck. A priest would often place it there, and crewmen would drop money in it to ensure a safe return. If the ship returned safely, the priest would take the box and distribute the contents to the poor.

4. Every church in England had an alms box which was where folks placed money for the poor. The box was opened on Dec. 26 and the contents were distributed to the poor of the parish.

5. The tradition still continues today. Many of us give small tokens to local workers. Kids also collect things in boxes to be given to the local poor.

So, aside from ‘boxing’ your loved ones today, don’t forget to box their gifts too 🙂

So tell me SL Fabz, how did you spend your Christmas day? What does boxing day mean to you?



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