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Every day we read about stories of people who transformed their lives – moving from point 0 to point 100, making money after being very poor, moving to the big city after living unfulfilled dreams in a lowly place, getting promoted in life after dealing with rejection for years. It is possible to change your life.

If you are in a rot at the moment or you are hoping for a transformation, here are FIVE ways we think you should approach a change in your life:

Recognize what is holding you back: You can’t change until you know what you need to confront in your life. So, recognize what is holding you back and make the adjustments.

Identify the “WHY”: Why do you want change in your life? Why do you need to alter the way things are? Are dissatisfied? Do you believe you deserve? Answer the “WHY”, and when you do, it will lead you to the “HOW” – HOW are you going to change your life? WHAT steps do you need to take?

Embrace discomfort: Nothing is easy. If you want change in your life, then you will have to deal with the chaos that may come from disrupting status quo. Be prepared. Discomfort is normal and part of the process.

Set a smart goal: Have a set goal. Know exactly what you are aiming for. Eye on the ball. Go for it.

Believe in yourself: Without belief, you have nothing. You cannot win if you don’t trust yourself. Belief will not come naturally. Self doubt is a thing, so you have to intentionally look yourself in the mirror and constantly tell yourself “I CAN”. You have to build your self-confidence. Self belief is the paddle that will move you through the ocean towards your desired destination.

All the best! xoxo

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