World Toilet Day: 4 Toilet Habits You Should Avoid

You probably do not know it, but you might have habits that may have negative effects on your sensitive areas. Proper toilet practices do not only involve cleaning yourself after you have bowel movement. There are other practices that need to be avoided such as:

1. Using your mobile phone in the toilet
Since a 2011 British study found that one in six mobile phones is contaminated with fecal matter, you should think twice about how taking your phone with you to the toilet. Water can also be aerosolized during flushing, and that mist can have fecal bacteria in it. And while the particles won’t stay in the air too long, they could land on anything near the toilet.

2. Flushing with the lid up
If you don’t want to splash bacteria all over your bathroom, flush with the lid down. Pushing the handle can send particles splashing and floating as far as 6 feet away, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

3. Keeping your toothbrush close to the toilet bowl
Keeping it within 4 feet of the toilet increases your chance of contaminating it with fecal matter from the air. Store your toothbrush as far from the bowl as possible.

4. Pants on the floor
Be careful where you keep your pants when you pull them down to use the toilet. If your pants fall all the way to your ankles, there’s a pretty high likelihood they will get covered with bacteria.

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