10 Things you should be able to do!

Apart from the basic need to survive, here are 10 things I think Nigerians should learn how to do. These are not only survival skills, but in this information era, you need skills that are useful in gaining social favour and building better relationships.

  1. Know how to Swim.


  1. Know how to change a Tyre.


  1. You should know how to Code. Keep up with the new age, learn how to program. It’s the only way to navigate

    through this new world.


  1. Know how to THINK critically, and question the current way of doing things.


  1. You must know how to perform CPR. Cardiac arrest is a common medical issue. You should learn how to save a life. It could be that of a life you love. This also applies to learning how to perform basic first aid. For instance, learn how to dress a wound. You may not need a doctor.


  1. Take Taekwondo class. Self defense is all you may be left with in some situations. You must learn how to defend yourself from single or multiple assailants. Security, as we know, is not so sure. Guard your space.


  1. Know how to speak one or two foreign languages besides English or your local dialect.


  1. You should know how to make legit money without having a job.


  1. You should know how to be Happy. Despite whatever circumstances you must be going through, you must learn Happiness, and it should become a part of you whether life is good or tough.


  1. You should know how to manage your time. 24 hours is enough. Know when to get out of bed. Know when to start your day. Learn how to prioritise your work. Know how to shut down noise that affects productivity. It’s all on you to know how to live the best 24 hours of your life everyday



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