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Monday Quotes to get you out of a funk!

Monday is still that day many people dread. After getting up to the things you like during the weekend, Monday seems to be a reminder that you have responsibilities weighing you down. It can be very uninspiring.

But we can’t afford to approach the first working day of the week with gloom, can we?

So, here are 11 ways we think you could express Mondays positively:

*What you do on Monday can improve the rest of your life.

*Mondays are the best days to rewrite your story. If you don’t like how last week went, create a new story every Monday.

*Monday is a ceremony that rolls out the red carpet for you to step on and be anything you want to be (we hope you choose to be great).

*A champion is that person who knows what to do with a Monday. If you figure Mondays out, you can easily figure out your entire life. Yes!

*If you are serious about changing your life, Monday is the best place to start.

*It is the hours you spend working hard on Monday that will buy you the freedom to live freely on weekends.

*You are in control. Never allow your Monday to be manic. – Andrea L’Artiste

*Monday understands success more than any other day of the week.

*Stepping into Monday is like stepping into a cold shower. It will shock at first, but you will get use to the temperature and you’ll be all right.

*Mondays offer you 52 ways to win all through the year.

Embrace Mondays. Embrace success. Happy New Week.

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