4 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Headshot

Your headshot is your marketing tool! Your headshot is not just a picture; it represents your professional image and brand. It’s a professional photo of the talent where the focus of the photograph is the person’s face.

It is utilized to identify you as well as distinguish you from the crowd. It is the first impression you make to the public before they meet you in person. Therefore, the photo must look like you and represent you well!

Be seen as a professional, not as an amateur, so the way you present yourself in your photo is very important.

You must have a good, high quality, professional headshot if you want to be taken seriously by industry professionals!

At Nollycasting, we require all talents to upload a professional headshot on their profiles.

Here are some tips on how to acquire a good headshot!

    Go to your local professional photographer to book your photo session! Don’t settle for a photo taken by your phone because the low quality will show! Hire a professional who will know how to capture you well in the most professional way possible. It is worth the investment!
    Don’t forget to smile and engage with the camera! This is the best way to showcase your personality is through the expression on your face. Ladies, please avoid wearing heavy make-up and extravagant hairstyles. Wear just enough make-up that enhances your natural beauty and hair that shows your face!
    Choose wardrobe that complements your skin tone. Bright, solid, colors are best. Avoid heavy patterns and prints as they can become distracting. We also want to see your eyes so please stay away from sunglasses and hats. Please do not use any props!
    Please stay away from busy, distracting backgrounds and make sure that you have great lighting — whether it is shot indoors or outdoors! Avoid side profiles as your entire face needs to be in full display!

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