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Foodie’s Corner: Healthy Kitchen Tips You Should Know

Healthy eating takes the right environment to cook food in. With these tips you can use your kitchen the healthy way and make it the ideal place to make tasty and healthy dishes.

1. Wash hands thoroughly before preparing food. Lather with soap and water for 20 seconds. Rinse well and dry with a clean towel.

2. Thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables to remove dirt and germs, and reduce pesticide residues.

3. A neat and orderly fridge, where you can find everything easily and see exactly what you have, sets you up to cook healthy options. Put healthy ingredients front and center and at eye level so you are more likely to choose those foods to prepare. 

4. Our bodies are around 60 per cent water, so it makes sense to drink the freshest, purest water you can find. Invest in a good water filter that removes fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals from tap water but leaves the good minerals in.

5. When cleaning surfaces, wash first with soap and water then sanitize with a mild solution of chlorine bleach and water (two drops per cup).

6. Prevent cross-contamination when preparing food. Use one colored cutting board for raw meats and a different colored cutting board for vegetables or any ready-to-eat foods.

7. Keep tomatoes out of the fridge. Same with peaches, potatoes, onions, bread, garlic, and coffee. Cold temperatures compromise the flavor and texture of these staples.

8. Don’t cook everything on high. Almost everything you ever cook will cook more evenly and thoroughly on low or medium. You only need high to sear or brown, or if you’re trying to bring something to a boil.

9. Chop salad ingredients roughly, chopping them thinly causes loss of vitamin C. Use your hands for greens instead of chopping them with knife. Don’t wait your salad for long, eat it once you prepare.

10. Prepare your own fruit juice from fruit of the season instead of buying it packaged. And don’t prepare it long before you drink, which causes vitamin loss.

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