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Episode 10: Never Too Late #HeyWomanSeries

Lola is a respected, successful banker making a name for herself in her professional and social circles. But at home in the eyes of her husband, she is nothing but a punching bag. How does she value herself and…


Episode 7: What My Neighbor Did #HeyWomanSeries

How do you respond to an abusive situation when the victim isn’t you, but someone close to you? What do you say? Should you do something? What difference does a neighbor’s intervention make when a life is at stake?…


Episode 6: What My Neighbor Saw #HeyWomanSeries

Someone you know is being abused. Would you call the authorities and put a stop to it or ignore the situation because it’s “none of your business”?…… A woman moves into a new house and finds her neighbours in…


Episode 5: NA ME MARRY PASS #HeyWomanSeries

What would you do if you had a wife who physically, verbally, and emotionally abuses you? What would do you if you feel humiliated by a controlling and abusive female partner? Is this an ideal situation? Should our society…


Episode 1: The Student #HeyWomanSeries

The prevalence of sexual harassment of female students in tertiary institutions is worrisome. Many students are threatened with exam failure or other disturbing consequences if they refuse to succumb. In this short film, we attempt to capture a scenario…