Episode 6: What My Neighbor Saw #HeyWomanSeries

Someone you know is being abused. Would you call the authorities and put a stop to it or ignore the situation because it’s “none of your business”?…… A woman moves into a new house and finds her neighbours in the trap of violent relationships. What would she do?

Knowing or thinking that someone you care about is in an abusive relationship can be very hard. You may want to rescue the victim or insist he/she leaves, but also think it’s not your decision to make. It’s normal to feel unsure about how to best approach this challenging situation. Silence, however, is never the best option.

If you see or hear domestic violence in your neighbourhood or in a public place, you have a responsibility to do something. You can take steps to help in a discreet and wise manner. Everyone deserves healthy relationships.

This short film was produced by Next Page Productions with support from UNFPA Nigeria.

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