Episode 7: What My Neighbor Did #HeyWomanSeries

How do you respond to an abusive situation when the victim isn’t you, but someone close to you? What do you say? Should you do something? What difference does a neighbor’s intervention make when a life is at stake?

People tend to not get involved in domestic abuse situations among friends, family members, neighbors and more even when they should. Part of the reason for our inaction may stem from the fact that most abuse happens behind closed doors and no one asked for our help. But victims truly do need our help.  

There is no perfect formula to help a victim of domestic violence but with the proper education, we can all learn a variety of ways to show our support. We need to educate ourselves on how to deal with abuse when it does happen, or we risk ignoring the situation and leaving the victim to suffer.

This short film was produced by Next Page Productions with support from UNFPA Nigeria.

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