Episode 10: Never Too Late #HeyWomanSeries

Lola is a respected, successful banker making a name for herself in her professional and social circles. But at home in the eyes of her husband, she is nothing but a punching bag. How does she value herself and what kind of future will she choose?

Too many women — no matter how smart, educated or powerful — tolerate abusive relationships for far too long. Outwardly, women may appear to be confident and smart, but inside, they only get their confidence and sense of value from being in a relationship. It’s a disturbing reality that has to change.  

Our goal with this episode of the #HeyWomanSeries is to show people in abusive relationships/marriages that they can take their power back when they share their stories with the right people and when they make the right decisions.  

If more people responded to victims’ stories of abuse with concern and compassion, instead of with criticism, more victims might speak up and find the support they need to live a life free of abuse. Breaking the silence against domestic violence is difficult but getting your life back is worth it!

This short film was produced by Next Page Productions with support from UNFPA Nigeria.

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