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Groovy Friday! What Is Your Favourite Dance Step of 2013?


Thank God its Friday!

How has your week been SL Fabz? Mine has been very busy and I’m in the mood for some fun tonight. Talking about fun, I love to dance and I’m sure you do too.

2013 has been a really interesting year in the African music industry and our music artistes have been very creative, churning out different dance steps with interesting names. Some popular dance steps that really rocked this year are Azonto, Skelewu, Etighi, Alanta, Alingo. Other popular ones from previous years are Galala, Makkosa, Yahoozee, Suo. I definitely love the creativity in African music and its so easy to get in the groove and dance to.

Although Azonto initially originated from Ghana, its gotten so popular in Nigeria and I totally love it!

So tell me, what is your best Nigerian or African dance step?

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