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Groovy Friday: This Adorable Boy’s Performance Will Amaze You!

Hi SL Fabz,

Is anyone here in for a good laugh today? I just watched this short video and it totally made my day.

Judges in this reality show were stunned when a three year-old boy walked on the stage with a speaker which he called ‘His Baby’.  His confidence and charm is so amazing, not forgetting his cute dance moves. He did some robot moves that got me laughing so hard till water filled my eyes. Oh boy!

He had the most adorable reply when asked why he loved to dance. You’d find this at (time 7:25). I had a big smile on my face throughout this video and I’m sure you will too. It’s so cute and sweet.

Check on it:

Did you notice the way he kept waving until he left the stage? Adorable!
What was your most interesting part of the video?

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