Groovy Friday

5 Fun Things To Do This Weekend!

Thank God it’s Friday!

The weekend is upon us, and it’s a great time to unwind and have fun with friends and family.

Personally, I try to have the weekend to myself after a week full of intense work, but I don’t always get what I want because sometimes work also comes on weekends.

Anyway, whenever the weekends are free, there are fun things I always like to do to refuel myself for the new week.

1. Exercise: Many of you already know that I am on a weight loss journey, and I must confess it has not been very easy. I love spending some time at the gym and doing some Yoga on weekends not just because it helps to lose weight faster, it teaches me discipline – the discipline of doing what I want to do when I planned to do it. Listening to music while exercising is one way I also keep myself inspired.

2. Sleep: Now this one is very important especially for career parents. Sometimes I always wonder how I am able to do so much with the minimal hours of sleep I get sometimes. Weekends help me catch up on “lost” sleep, and give my body renewed energy.

3. Hangout with Friends: The social media age sometimes gives us the illusion that we know what is going on in our friends’ lives. But in reality, things may not seem as they appear. You could take out time to consciously visit one or two friends and family members during the weekends to be sure that your are building healthy and meaningful relationships.

4. Catch up on Reading: Weekdays could be so choked that you hardly find time to read. How about blowing the dust off those abandoned books, and reading for a few hours? There are amazing things to learn when you bury your head in a book with a hot or cold drink (depending on what you like) to keep you going.

5. Binge-watch Shows: It’s all about living a balanced life! There is no better time to watch your favourite TV shows “back-to-back”. Watching TV as a family is also good for bonding.

That’s it! 5 fun things I think you could do to have an amazing weekend. I would like to hear how SL Fabz spend their weekends; do you have any fun things you would also like me to try out? Feel free to share with me.

Here’s to a fab and super amazing weekend!

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