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Groovy Friday: What Not To Wear To A Wedding

Hi SL Fabz,

The weekend is almost here, and I’m sure we are getting ready to unwind and have fun.

Most of us would be attending wedding ceremonies this weekend, right? I think I hear ‘Yes’. So, let’s have a chat on outfits that shouldn’t be worn to weddings.

Fashion in its ever evolving nature has ruled out some of the things we took as norms with regards to wedding guest outfits. Previously, the rule was that only a bride should wear white on her wedding day, but that has changed. Now brides even dress their bridesmaids in white and sometimes ask their guests to dress in white too. (Remember Solange’s wedding). But I still know some people frown against this.

However colours aside, there are some outfits that are just not cool to be worn to weddings. I asked a few people and this is the list we came up with:


  1.  A very short dress
  2. A very tight dress
  3. A very tight and short dress
  4. A super sparkly dress
  5. Anything too loud or garish
  6. A dress that exposes too much cleavage


  1. Jeans trousers
  2. Sagging trousers
  3. Shorts
  4. A hooded shirt
  5. A t-shirt
  6. A tuxedo (only meant for the groom)

The overall idea when picking an outfit for a wedding is that what you wear should not outshine the bride or groom because its their day not yours. Also, don’t dress too casual or look out of place.

Dearest fashionistas, I’d love to know what you think. What are the outfits you shouldn’t wear to a wedding? What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen anyone wear to a wedding?

And, if you were a bride, would you like anyone to wear a white dress to your wedding?

Let’s discuss!

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