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What Do Women Find Most Attractive In Men?

It’s always so interesting to read your comments every time we have to discuss a topic on relationships. The last time we discussed something similar about what men find most attractive in women, we had an interesting debate in the comment section. I’m positive today’s topic is even gonna be hotter!

So, tell me SL Fabz, what are the general traits that women find attractive in men?

As usual, I asked around and these are the most common responses I got.

1. A good physique: Most Naija women like their men tall, dark and handsome. Ok, maybe not all like them dark, but most likely tall and handsome with a good physique that speaks of confidence and good composure.

2. A financially comfortable man: A woman is attracted to a man who can take care of himself financially, and also his family. A man who is financially capable of giving his woman comfort is usually more attractive than a man who can’t in most cases.

3. A romantic man: Find a man who can say ‘I love you‘ at the right time, who knows when to take his woman on romantic dates, buy her romantic gifts… and you’ve found a woman’s man.

4. ______________

Let me stop here and allow you to complete the list. What do women find most attractive in men?

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