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This Picture Made Me Laugh Out Loud!

Babies are the cutest šŸ™‚

A friend sent me this picture a while ago and I haven’t stopped laughing since. I can totally relate to that! It’s so funny and adorable at the same time.

Sometimes with my son #PrinceMax, it is the very moment you take off his diaper that he would decide to relieve himself. And he can do so in such an interestingĀ angle that it would land right in your face if you’re ‘lucky’.

This is one photoshoot the little boy’s parents would never forget. The look on the mother’s face is priceless. And the cutest part will be when he grows up to see this.

Taking pictures is a great way to preserveĀ great memories. Pictures like this remind me of such.

Any mums, dads, aunties, uncles or caregivers in the house? Please share some stories of interesting moments like this with your little ones that made you laugh out loud. Or perhaps, do you have any childhood photo where you were doing something really funny. Let’s hear your story!



Photo Credit: Abbie Rogers Photography

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