Scorned (Volume 3)

Scorned 3

Hi SL Fabz,

I’m sure most loyal readers here would be familiar with this story. But for those who aren’t, let’s bring you up to date. Read Scorned 1 and Scorned 2.

In Scorned 3, Femi and his new girlfriend Denise discuss the move by Kate to have 30 percent of the company’s shares.

“We have a problem” Femi says as he sits heavily on his chair.

Denise walks into his office on his tail smiling, Denise is a tall woman, her height can be placed between 5ft10 and 6ft, with the help of her heels, she looks even more elegant. She has a pale skin compared to a typical African woman, she looks like someone with mixed heritage, her legs are endless and her tiny waist looks splendid in her Dior suit. She holds her long black cascade of curls on top her head with pins, with a bright red lipstick that contrast with her black suit and blends perfectly with her nails and valentino heels, Denise is a fashionista in her own right.

She walks over to Femi’s chair and helps him up to hug her, Femi closes his eyes as he sniffs her intoxicating perfume; ” hmmm! you smell gorgeous, darling”, Femi says as he looks into her eyes.

“I know baby” she says with a big pout, “what is the problem baby?”

Femi sits on his chair. “It’s Kate, she wants thirty percent of the company’s shares” Femi says.

“What, can she do that?” Denise stammers.

Femi nods his head in affirmative.

Denise continues “How? i mean, it’s your company right? You built it from the scratch, so? I don’t understand, explain.”

Femi clears his throat, “My darling, i am sorry, i never mentioned it but Kate invested in this company when it started. She gave me the capital”.

Denise gives Femi an intense stare that could burn a hole through a wall as she backs away from him; “And you decided to play Mr selective memory on that one, huh?”

Femi reaches for her, “come on, i didn’t think It’d be an issue” Femi says.

Denise snaps at him; “You didn’t think it’d be a problem? Damn right, you didn’t think, you are about to leave the bitch, you think she’s just going to let it go without a fight?” She pauses “Does she have proof? I guess that the question”.

“She does or I think she does,” Femi answers.

Denise gives him a disapproving look. Femi continues, “We were newlyweds and the company was taking off, we had the check she gave me framed and hung it in our flat. I kind of lost touch of it as we moved to bigger houses, she must have it.”

Denise sits back on her chair with a thud. “A check? That’s it; you know what that means right, you currently have four investors each with 10 percent of the company’s shares, the reason you are still the head is because you have a larger percentage than all of them combined. But if she gets thirty percent, baby, she could do crazy things with that” Denise says with a disapproving nod.

“And you think i don’t know that? Of course I know that” Femi says.

Denise stands up from her chair and paces around the room, she looks at the CEO of Shepherd Group of companies! Her meal ticket, the man who is going to be her husband soon. She says out loud “you are right about one thing, “we have a big problem.”

So, tell us, what do you think about the recent turn of events. If you were Kate whose husband was asking for a divorce because of another woman, would you make the kind of demand that she did?

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