#HeyWomanSeries – What happens when we speak out or keep silent…

Sexual and gender-based violence has multiple expressions. While girls and women are more likely to fall victim, men experience it too. Some victims seek help and survive the abuse, but many are not so lucky. It can impact anyone regardless of their geographical location, socio-economic background, race, religion, sexuality, or gender identity.

I was inspired to create the #HeyWomanSeries to tell the stories from different perspectives. As a filmmaker, I’ve always believed the transformative power of multimedia to inform and inspire and I hope these short films do just that.

Every video showcases different outcomes people often have when they speak out or remain silent in the face of sexual and gender-based violence. It is my hope that as we examine these different, we find roles we can all play in curbing this scourge.

This project was supported by UNFPA Nigeria. Watch them on NextPageTV Youtube.

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