Episode 4: The Engagement #HeyWomanSeries

A young lady is faced with a difficult decision when she becomes a victim of violent abuse from the man she is engaged to. Will she go ahead with the wedding or will she call off the engagement?  

Sexual and gender-based violence is an all-too common and devastating challenge among young people. It’s prevalence is often tied to pervasive norms and dynamics that reinforce such abuse, and encourages women to remain in abusive relationships.  

In this episode of the #HeyWomanSeries​, we see the brave act of a young lady who was not afraid to call it quits with a man she was engaged to. Violent behaviors in a relationship, most times, only get amplified in a marriage. It is my sincere hope that this video inspires us to make those tough, but important decisions that could literally be the difference between life and death. Let us prioritize our lives and safety over societal expectations.

This short film was produced by Next Page Productions with support from UNFPA Nigeria.

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