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Age Is Just A Number! 7 Ladies Share Their Experiences On Dating & Marrying Older Men

Permit me to start this post today by thanking you all for your daily comments. This blog would be nothing without your comments and contributions which truly brighten up my day, everyday!

But most interestingly SL Fabz, its not only about me, but how you inspire other readers with your comments. Believe me, I learn a lot from your comments and I’m sure other readers do too.

The last time I put up a Talk To Steph post where a 23 year-old lady asked if it was OK to marry a 36 year-old man, many of you ladies gave some great advice and also shared your experiences with dating and marrying older men. (CLICK HERE if you missed it). Today, I’d like to share those comments:

I really don’t see anything wrong with that. My husband is 20 yrs older than me and today, I’m happy because that was the best step I’ve ever taken in my life. But remember to pray about it.

Age is just a number!!! I had the same problem you are having now then because my hubby is almost 11yrs older than me and we are happily married for 4yrs now. In my previous relationship, the guy was just 4yrs older than me but we were always quarreling & even fought severally. So I had to quit him before I met my hubby who is loving and caring who does everything for me. From my experience, I’ve realized age is just a number if you like d person in question. So since you like every thing about him, then age should not be the hindrance because that man will handle any challenge in that marriage maturely, since you are not matured enough to handle some situations considering your age. Good luck.

I am 30 and my husband to be is 42. We are happy and love one another. That’s the key. At first I was really bothered about his age but not until we started planning our wedding that I felt nothing was wrong with it.

My husband is 11 years older than I am and guess what? We dated for 6 whole years so you can imagine how old I was at the time. Presently, I’m 23. We get along very well. He’ll pamper you to pieces and love you to the moon and back. Trust me. #wink

My husband is 14yrs older than I am. Pretty sure you got the message!

I am 22 and dating a guy of 36 and I love him ssoooo very much. Follow your heart, there is nothing wrong with the age.

My boyfriend is 17yrd older than me…I’m not the least bothered about it. Sweety please say yes to him and ask for some more time to know him better. Goodluck.

What do you think? Is age really just a number?

What if the reverse was the case and the lady was older than the man, would you still say age is just a number? Let’s discuss!

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