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Wow! Q1 Is Gone Already!!

Happy new month SL Fabz,

The first quarter of the year is gone and we are starting another one today! Whoops!!! How time flies.

The First of April marks the end of the three month milestone for the year. Yep, we’re a quarter of the way through the year already. A good time to review your progress relative to what you’d like to achieve over the course of the year.

How far with your goals? Any progress?

While we’re busy playing the April fool pranks, it’s also a good time to ask ourselves such important questions.

Review your goals and check how far along you are on the path towards reaching them this year. Where are you falling behind? Do your goals still make sense? What’s slowing your progress? Where did you fall short, or mess up?

If you didn’t meet your goals, or you set the wrong ones and they don’t make any sense anymore, revise them or cast them off. It’s a new quarter. If you still feel your goals are the right ones, that’s awesome.

You may not have met your goals yet, but at least you should be taking steps to meet those goals, so that you won’t arrive at December and wonder why you did not achieve what you wanted.

We should all have goals that take us closer to achieving our dreams. That is what sets us apart.

I wish us all a fruitful new month and a successful second quarter of 2016 as we work on our goals daily.



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