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#WinningWednesday: The Mathematical Certainty of having a Successful Day!

“Certainty is perfect knowledge that has total security from error, or the mental state of being without doubt. Objectively defined, certainty is total continuity and validity of all foundational inquiry, to the highest degree of precision.”

Ok! Don’t let the title scare you. Not too many people like Maths (LOL!). I know. But this is just a simple way to explain how you can WIN graciously if you follow all of life’s cues for the day.

So here is a formula I came up with:

You wake up very early + a shower + light breakfast = sharp mind, positive vibe, enthusiasm to kick into your day.

You get to work before crazy traffic build-up + you get cracking on your job before the office is full of people and noise + the fresh morning breeze propelling you to cease the day = An amazing morning with many on-the-desk work accomplished.

You have a healthy lunch + less gossip with colleagues + eye on a particular goal for the day = A pile of workload off your desk, and you believing more in your abilities.

Check out some other formulas:

You pray + live according to the principles you project + show kindness to others = A good life, worthy of commendation, drawing strength from the universe, aligning to cosmic and godly ideals.

If you do not stand up from your bed to plan a new day, there’s a certainty you will not make any success of the day.

If you do not work on a project, there’s a certainty you will not build any significant feat on that project.

If you do not spend time developing yourself, your mind, and your convictions, there’s a certainty, as sure as the rising of the sun, that you will not grow as you should into the opportunities and success that awaits those who trudge on.

Life is full of many miracles. And there’s a place for God’s wonders. But life is also about mathematical certainties, which states that without doubt, you will reap what you sow, and for all actions there are consequences.

So, win your way with the right mindset this Wednesday with all confidence, knowing that only you can win or wreck your chances in life.


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