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BG wrote:

Sincere comments on something very urgent that is  making someone’s life miserable. It is about dating between a Moslem and Christian – that might subsequently lead to Marriage.

SCENARIO – Man is a staunch Moslem and  Woman is a staunch Christian, also a prominent member of a church. 
Man is well established, neat, good looking and is desperately in love with this woman. Woman is also well established…and the man loves everything about her and also her sincerity, kind and loving heart.
Woman was born a Catholic but now goes to one of the Pentecostal churches that she loves.
PROBLEM IS – the woman’s family are adamantly against the relationship. They are not pleased with her leaving the Catholic church and they think she now wants to venture into the Moslem faith. She is willing to convert into the Moslem faith, and the man’s family loves her so much – at least 99.9% of them want to usher her into their faith. Man on the other hand does not want to convert into Christianity, but, bottom line is that they are very much in LOVE with each other, but the woman does not want to go against her family.Now, question is…….what should she do? Is it advisable to enter into such a union? The post she holds in her church might be stripped away from her and she might lose some of her family members. What if eventually, it does not work out…?

SL Fabz, let’s advise this couple …..



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