Why I Stand for Her!

Many people do not understand why I am so passionate about Child Marriage and Gender related issues. I have been asked several times why I chose to do a film with a strong social message like ‘DRY’. We live in a society that tells women to keep quiet and accept whatever fate is meted to them. We shame women who speak out and even more pathetic is the fact that majority of such lash back comes from other women.

Nothing can change if we refuse to question written and unwritten norms that continually put women at a disadvantage. Having realized from an early age, the power of the media inspiring social change and political change, I have resolved to lend my voice all for ‘her’. It is beyond joining the next hashtag bandwagon which mostly ridicule the real issues.

“Her” is a girl like Halima, who is given out in marriage at an early age and deprived of her rights to education, and freedom. She is the lady who is denied a seat at the table because there is not room enough for women. She is the daughter who is denied rights to her father’s properties because well, she is a woman. She is vulnerable and often times unheard.

These are the real issues, and it is high time we understood that standing for her is standing for all. 

My greatest desire is to live in a world that is fairer, safer and more conducive for “her” to live out her dreams.


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