What’s in your bag? Essentials to last you all week

A new week requires new zest to life. How do you pump some enthusiasm into the week? It usually starts with the small things.

Here are 5 things you should carry around as you hop from one end of a busy day into another:

Lip gloss: You speak with your mouth, yes? Dry lips can be very exasperating. Put some luster on your lips, it changes your entire appearance.

Sunshades: Don’t mess with the sun! Protect your eyes. If you’ll be out and about all week, then your eyes deserve to be spared.

Hand sanitizer: We may have curbed Ebola, but sanitizers should remain an indispensable item in our lives. Imagine all the germs you encounter everyday…

Phone charger: How well can you function if your phone dies suddenly? Aha!!!

Earphones: Shut the noise out, feel your soul with the kind of message you desire. If there’s too much negativity out there, then create your own world. It’s so easy, earphones and the right kind of music or message can transport you to your desired destination.

Just a friendly tip.

Have a splendid new week.

xoxo SL


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