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What would you do if…

Your 48 year old mum is widowed and lonely. It makes you sad because you want her to find love and happiness; so you get an idea to introduce her to your boss- a 53 year old divorced executive who is sincere, hardworking and wealthy.

You invite your mum to a party organised in your office, and you take the opportunity to introduce the two of them (mum and boss) to each other. They share a handshake, you smile and go your merry way, hoping it would blossom into love.

24 hours later you ask your mum if she likes your boss and if she got his number. She smiles, nods and says she’d be visiting him at his house.

You are happy. This is playing out perfectly!

One month later, your mother tells you she is finally dating someone. You are elated because you are sure it is your boss. They have finally started dating!

Hmmm! But you are wrong!

Your mother tells you she went to see your boss at his home but met his 30 year old son. There was instant chemistry the minute they looked at each other. The father (your boss) was not home, so the son urged her to stay and they connected!

They have been keeping in touch since then. One month later he asked her out and they are now dating.

Your 48 year old mother is dating your boss’ 30 year old son.

How would you feel? What would you do?

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