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What Mentally Strong People Know

We often hear advice like, “Think positive and good things will happen,” or “Try your hardest and eventually things will work out.” This works because most times, your success is directly linked to how you think.

One major fact about successful people is that they manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life.

We can all learn from these mentally strong people and accordingly, we can become mentally strong(er) ourselves. And when we do that we enjoy more success, happiness and less distress.

Mentally strong people do not:

    • Quit when things get tough
    • Waste time feeling sorry for themselves
    • Blame others for their problems
    • Envy others
    • Shy away from change
    • Worry about pleasing others
    • Waste energy on things they can’t control
    • Dwell on the past
    • Go along with the crowd
    • Procastinate

Mentally strong people do:

  • They know failure is part of success
  • They believe in themselves
  • They celebrate the success and happiness of others
  • They train their minds to see the good in everything
  • They use their fear to motivate action
  • They learn from their mistakes
  • They take calculated risks
  • They are tenacious with their goals
  • They are not too proud to learn from others
  • They spend quality time alone

So SL Fabz, which side are you on? Have you been doing the things mentally strong people do or don’t?

I encourage us all to join the train and build ourselves up mentally.

I’d like to hear from you. Look through the list. What is the most difficult thing you feel you shouldn’t be doing but can’t help yourself. Or the most difficult thing you feel you should be doing but aren’t. Let’s learn from each other.


This article is inspired by Amy Morin‘s bestselling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

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