What is your favourite book by Chinua Achebe?

Today, I opened my browser and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Google was celebrating the legacy of the renowned Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe. Today would have been his 87th Birthday and Google honoured the late literary icon with a Google Doodle. 

One of my favourite books by this late author is Things Fall Apart. This was his first and most popular novel which sold more than 20 million copies and has been translated into 57 different languages. Other great works of his include: “No Longer at Ease”, “Arrow of God”, “A Man of the People”, and “Anthills of the Savannah”. He also wrote several short stories and essays

Chinua Achebe died in 2013 at the age of 82, but his legendary work and classic novels sure keep him alive, and we’re glad the world still remembers him!

What is your favourite book by Chinua Achebe?


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