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What is “beautiful”?

Beauty is one of the most mind-boggling subjects ever. Every day we are confronted with the true meaning of Beauty. What is beauty? Who is beautiful? “The woman” is mostly the lab rat used to identify with the exact connotation of the word. Still it is confusing as to what kind of woman – her looks, her personality, her acumen and tendencies – that can be described as beautiful.

More than anything else, the world pays too much attention to the physical attributes of the female gender. To this effect women who do not fit into the stereotype form of what the world perceives beauty to be become very timid and vulnerable in a world that makes her feel her buttocks has to be bigger and her breasts perkier for her to achieve or attain certain goals.

I have seen young women suffer this “ailment” of relying on the society to define their beauty. And if they never get the approval from society, they spend most of their lives leaving below their capabilities.

When we think of beauty, we think of fairer skin, straight hair, proportionate feminine features… If we rely on the description of beauty from the eyes of society, we will remain doubtful of ourselves because there will always be women and/or men more beautiful than we are.

I see beauty as the point of grace between hurt and healing. That is where beauty resides – in the middle of reconciling with our past, accepting our present, and forging towards our tomorrow. Beauty is the tranquillity that rests inside of you when a colleague speaks ill of you…when another driver in traffic spits venom…when your partner acts inappropriately…when you receive the worst kind of treatment from people – it is that peace inside of us that makes us beautiful, the peace that does not respond violently or reacts similarly to what is expected. That peace that surpasses all of life’s ugliness.

So as the week progresses and you are faced with difficult situations, do not let the chaos around you define you. Let the peace that keeps you still guide you.

You are beautiful – always!

–          Stephanie


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