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What I know for sure!

Great people are not afraid to watch other people grow. Great people recognize talent. Great people nurture. Great people teach. Great people care. Great people believe. Great people see beyond the flaws of another because ultimately we are all flawed. Great people concentrate on the strengths of others and patiently drive pointers to weaknesses that should be worked on. Great people are not stirred by looks and/or possessions, they concentrate on talent and skill. A great person knows how to maximise everyone’s gift for the benefit of the bigger picture. Great people are not easily coerced. Great people pick the best teams. A great person does not go with the crowd. A great person does not buy into popular opinion. A great person will stand by one person he/she believes in than run with the multitude. Great people recognize that, ultimately, there is more to life than what we can comprehend.

Great people know God.

Be. Great.

Happy New Month!

– Stephanie

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