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What I know for sure!

You is kind.

You is smart.

You is important.

Bad English (LOL!), but those are the most memorable words ever. I got it from the book and movie, The Help. After the character Aibeeelen witnesses the child (Mae Mobley Leefort) she is caring for being hurt over and over again by her mother, she decides to do something about it. Everyday she tells the young child in her care something good about herself: “You is Kind. You is smart. You is important, you hear me?”

I believe a message like this needs to spread to every child in Nigeria. We have too many timid children (made timid mostly by the people who should shower them with unconditional love). If this country is ever going to become great, we have to remind ourselves how special we are – and it starts with the man/woman in the mirror.

I am special. And so are you! *wink*

Happy Sunday!


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