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What I know for sure!

Fashion is over-rated! We need to understand that our heels, the designer bags, the diamonds, couture wardrobe are just accessories and not who we really are! The obsession with fashion and beauty and the pop culture distract the average Nigerian youth from the core elements that makes a person inspiring. By all means be fashionable but you owe it to yourself, society and to God to be much more than a mannequin. Our values are so twisted! Our students should focus on getting an education, not hustling to get an LV bag. There’s time for everything. And even when that time comes when you can afford all the glitter in the world, fashion will always be the extra benefit – not the main ingredient. First, build substance! Your love for the latest designer this-and-that will not increase your IQ unfortunately. And like Michelle Obama stated some time back, “I don’t want to waste anxiety on something as limited as clothes.” Word!

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