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What I Caught on TV!

The news of Cynthia Akuzogwu Udoka’s death has left a wave of shock, distrust, pain and cry for justice. I cannot begin to imagine what her family will be going through at this time. It is every parent’s nightmare! The 25 year-old was killed by two university students who lured her to Lagos, paid her flight, lodged her in a hotel, then drugged her drink and proceeded to rid her of all her possession and eventually killed her. As the news affirmed, these were young men she met on Facebook whom she had hinted about her plan to run a clothing business and they had told her she could get good prices from them…as far as we know, that was what encouraged the relationship with these men who turned out to be murderers!

A sad end to a promising life! The virtual world is as real as we want it to be!

What can we learn from this sad incident? *RIP Cynthia*

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