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What I caught on TV!

It was on one of the Crime stations – a beautiful face of a three year old boy flashed on my TV screen. He was mixed-race with almost half his face dis-coloured. It was his own birth mark, but from the pictures that came on the screen, he seemed content and too young to worry about how the world would treat him for his uniqueness.

He didn’t need to wait for the world to judge him!

Right there in his house, living with his mother and siblings was his step-father who constantly bullied the child, punched him, mocked him and treated him like dirt just because he was shades darker than the other children and had a birthmark! His step-father would make faces at this three year-old boy…and all the while, his mother who was fully aware of what her child suffered in the hands of her husband did nothing to rescue her son.

So one night, the young boy slept and didn’t wake up! He was discovered with vomit by the side of his mouth and on the bed the next morning.

Later, he was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Thankfully, a doctor was able to determine the cause of death after various tests, and it was discovered that the boy received severe punches to his stomach that erupted some of his internal organs and caused the child to die!

No one deserves to be discriminated upon; especially by the people that should love and protect you.

The step-father is serving a 20-year jail term; and his mother is serving her own short term in jail for neglect. In summary, I think we need to love people more. But love starts from truly loving yourself.

Do you love yourself?

–          Stephanie


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