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What Does Your Name Mean?

I know you know my name, but do you know what my name means?

According to wikipedia, Stephanie is a female name that comes from the Greek name (Stefanos) meaning “Crown.” In French the meaning of the name Stephanie is: Crowned in victory. So, yeah, you can call me a queen too… lol!

Today, I had an interesting time doing a research on other renowned people that bear/bore the same name as me. I came up with this list:

Saint Stephanie – virgin and martyr in Amalfi, Italy, honoured September 18
Stephanie Beacham (born 1947)- British actress

Stepahine Beard (born 1980) – Canadian actress, voice actress and radio personality
Stephanie Cole (born 1941) British actress
Stephanie J.Block – American actress and singer.

There are also an interesting number of songs about Stephanie 🙂

A Long Way Down From Stephanie – Al Stewart
Stephanie – Buckingham/Nicks
Stephanie – The Syrens
Stephanie Knows Who – Love iTunes
Stephanie Says – The Velvet Underground – iTunes
Stephanie’s Room – Joan Baez iTunes

So now you know my name, tell me yours. What is the meaning of your name and which interesting person(s) do you share a name with?

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