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What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

With age comes experience, with experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes understanding.

Many times as young children, teenagers and even in our post teenage years, we get advice from our parents and older ones which we just shun. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we think they are old fashioned and don’t just want us to have our way. Or we do things just because they said we shouldn’t do it. We probably succumbed to peer pressure and were affected by our mates telling us we were not good/talented/pretty enough.

Many times, we get really burnt when we don’t listen to such advice and we only realize that when we’ve learnt our lesson. We have regrets for actions we took even when we were warned not to and wish we could reverse the hands of time. That we know is impossible.

But today, let’s just imagine we could. Let’s imagine we were much younger, moments before we took that step/did that thing we were not supposed to do. That thing we wish we didn’t do. Now that you know better, what advice would you give your younger self?


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