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Watch Akinwunmmi Anu’s Inspiring VVF Repair Story

Yesterday, I shared with you photos from the recent Extended Hands Foundation pool effort in Ibadan and I was overwhelmed with your kind words and feedback. You really touched my heart in so many beautiful ways and I’m so grateful for all your prayers.

As it is with most of our pool effort, stories of a few of the affected women stand out from the rest. Not that any woman’s story is less important, but I was so touched by Akinwunmi Anu.

She is a young lady who developed Vesico Vaginal Fistula after labouring for three days at home since 2009. She later had a Cesarean Section but had complications afterwards. For 5 years, she suffered shame and discrimination as her friends and family ran away from her as she couldn’t control her urine and was constantly leaking.

As a result of the complication, she also stopped seeing her menstrual period. This troubled her for many years until recently when she had a successful surgery during the pool effort. This was made possible with the support of SNEPCo/NNPC.

I’m so glad we could bring a smile to her face once again. She had such a warm spirit and a beautiful smile for us all. Her satisfaction and restoration is what inspires us at Extended Hands Foundation.

Watch her inspiring story:

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