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Hello SL Fabz,

We all know stripes are making mad sense right now and everybody is totally in love with it, so am I (I can’t complain). I was surfing through things and I came across something so fabulous and ways to make your wardrobe work more, put that neon heels to work, mixed with some cool colours, check this out! A striped dress, worn in four fabulous ways.


Love this, the deal is to tone things down with the nude and look more executive with the wrist watch.



You are out to lunch with the girls or with your colleagues, well, well, well! Wearing this white belt on your waist, paired with your white shoes and this carrot coloured bag ( I love it by the way) would be the way to go this season.


 dinner out

This gorgeous gown could do wonders when you are out on a dinner date, add a statement necklace, royal blue shoes and rev it up with the red lipstick. One word, stunning!



I couldn’t help but drool when I saw this neon bag and pumps, this is beautiful, I love it.

SL Fabz! Let’s know which is your favourite look? Do you have more ideas on how to wear the stripes? Please share!   







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