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Hello SL Fabz, hope your weekend is starting off on a relaxing, stress free note. A lot of ladies write me so I decided to put something out there for the men, and for the ladies to share with their guys/brothers/friends. Remember you can always write me at and your story might just be featured on ‘Talk To Steph’

Here’s  some RELATIONSHIP ADVISE FOR MEN culled Relationship Advisers

1. BE SENSITIVE: Women love men that are sensitive by nature. This can also mean openly declaring your love and not being afraid to do so where ever you are. She will secretly revel in the fact that you are so proud of her.

2.DON’T COMPROMISE: Women are forever changing their minds on what they want. You must be a master of compromise to make a relationship with a woman work. Men should have a lot of patience and be good listeners so that you will know what to expect.

3. TRUST HER INSTINCTS: It is known that a woman’s  instinct is usually pretty accurate. Accept that women are guided by common sense more than anything else, so if they tell you to follow a certain direction, they will probably be right. 

4. GIFTS AND TIME: Women love spending time with their lovers and getting gifts too. They love a man that gives especially if he is creative with gifts.

5. FORGIVE EASILY: Be forgiving of things that are said in frustration and anger. Never use them as ammunition in an argument later either.

6. COMPLIMENT HER: Women love compliments and can never get enough of them. You should however be cautious in dishing out too many, because they can end up becoming meaningless as well. You should look for a balance here. Build up her self confidence by letting her know she looks good, has made a great decision, or been a wonderful cook .

7. TREAT HER LIKE A PRINCESS: Women are dreamers and still little girls at heart. She desires to be the center of attention and you are the knight on a white horse rescuing her. 

If you are in love with a woman and she loves you back unconditionally then you have a relationship that is truly worth fighting for. Try and learn as much about her as you can while you are building a relationship; what she likes and does not like etc. When you start understanding her better you have a lifelong loving partner that is worth more than all the money in the world.

So, there you have it. Do you have more to add to this?



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