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Tips For Choosing The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

We all love red lipstick, don’t we? Of course I’m talking to the ladies here 🙂

It’s probably the sexiest colour around and when painted on your lips, it’s dynamite. No matter what the season or whatever the trends in makeup or fashion, red lipstick has always and will always be in style.

However, where a lot of us get it wrong is in finding the perfect shade. Do you have issues with the perfect shade? Here are three fail-safe ways to pick the perfect red lipstick …


If you have fair skin tone , consider a shade with a touch of orange in it to brighten your complexion. Think tomato red to coral red. That’s not to say you can’t go with a dark red, but stay away from deep reds with blue in them.

Cool reds, devoid of orange undertones, are the most complementary on darker tones. In general, look for shades with a blue, almost plum, cast (as in, deep cranberry to light crimson).


If you have fair skin, you’ll look brilliant in apricot nudes, pinks and light corals. Skip the browns.

If you have a medium skin tone, you can be brave and go a touch darker. You’ll look amazing in reds with tones of rose, mauve, berry and burgundy. Run the other way from bright reds.

If you have dark skin, deep plum red, chocolate or red is fabulous with dark skin. In fact you can easily go in one of two directions: brown or purple. Think caramel reds for daytime and plum or wine reds for evening.


You wouldn’t think about your hair colour having anything to do with your red lipstick, right? For those with darker hair, deeper reds look great. Try a burgundy or wine colored shade. However, if you have dark hair, but light skin, choose something a bit understated or your look will be too severe. Red heads can’t go wrong with a great coral shade of red.

So, now all you need to do is pick your perfect shade and you’re good to go!

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