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This Simple Message About Love And Life Will Change You Forever

Sometimes, we forget how truly precious this gift of life is and how quickly it can be taken away. The hectic demands of our busy lives overwhelm us, and we forget to show love and kindness to people who truly matter. They could be family, they could be friends, they could even be complete strangers. The fact remains that everyone needs love, always, and we should be willing to give more than to receive.

Today, I watched this inspiring video by Marc Mero, a former WCW, and WWE Champion professional wrestler. He has had an awesomely successful career in the sports and entertainment field. However it is amazing how the  attitudes, and values of a person can change when we lose a loved one. After the sudden death of his mother Marc realized what life is really all about.

He gave this talk to a group of school students and by the time he was through, almost everyone was in tears.

I was deeply touched by these words he said:

Life is not all about winning the race, Life is about finishing the race and about how many people we can help finish this race
How we can start being kinder to each other, how we can stop with the name calling and hurting other people
Because in the end, it may be you that needs help

So, before you say that hurtful word to the next person or ignore that person who truly cares about you, let’s not forget that life could be really short and that it just might be you who needs that person some other time.

Let’s keep that thought in mind as we step into this awesome week.

Watch the video:


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