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Shocking statistics by UNICEF says that Nigeria will have the highest number of child brides by 2050…

It is disheartening that we are not throwing our weight behind this problem

It is indeed a troubling issue. How can we continue to justify giving our children away to marriage?

A child is supposed to be protected, educated and nurtured.

She is not yet an adult, regardless of her physical features.

A child is below 18, and at that age her guardians should ensure she is sheltered from harm.

Marriage for a child is harmful and portends trouble- psychologically and physically for the child.

Many cases of VVF is caused by early childbirth

These are the issue I address in my forthcoming movie, Dry.

This is a cause beyond just me, it is one that should interest every well-meaning Nigeria.

If you must have kids then you must protect your kids

Marriage is for adults.

Let our voice not go under, let us not get tired. Let the conversation begin!



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