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The 80 Year-Old Woman Who Attends Primary School

80 Year old goes to school

Today, I watched the inspiring video of an 80 year-old woman in Uganda who enrolled in Primary school to enable her learn English and read the Bible.

I was amazed by her story!

It was interesting to see her sitting in a class and learning with children young enough to be her great grand kids. But the determination and agility with which she ran to the school compound, joined the kids for assembly and listened in class was simply wonderful.

At the age of 80, she is a Primary One student! Her story just reaffirms the fact that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Perhaps there was something you wish you had done ten years ago, a dream you had then which you still think of.

Let this woman’s story inspire you to picking up the pieces of those dreams again. If you have such a dream, I’d say – Go For It!

Watch her story below:

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