Make me fabulous

That Moment When I Prayed For The Couple On Episode 2 of Make Me Fabulous

On the Make Me Fabulous Show, we do our part to help couples have a good time and help ignite that spark in their marriages. But we believe that God is the ultimate problem solver and that He alone can break those walls that stand in the way of their happiness. 

Right after the Joyful & Temitope’s Vow Renewal, I was led to pray for them. This wasn’t planned at all. The words just filled my mouth as I was talking to them and I’m very glad the Holy Spirit took over at that moment. There’s something about connecting with God that leaves us feeling lighter and that’s the way we all felt. When we lay our problems at His feet, he takes that burden away from us.

This is my prayer for Joyful and Temitope. 

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