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#TalkToSteph With Joyful & Temitope

On Make Me Fabulous this season, we introduced a ‘Talk To Steph’ segment on the show where I sit down with each couple and talk about their journey. It is usually a no-holds-barred session which gets very engaging. We chat about topics such as their motivation for coming on the show, some of the challenges they’ve faced in their marriage, their experience on the show and more.

My chat with Joyful and Temitope was a very interesting one. As married couples, we need each other’s support especially in difficult times. But when we get harsh words instead of that support, the pain cuts in deep and takes a long time to heal.

At some point Joyful bared her heart out about a certain way she felt during her pregnancy:

Tope also had a chance to explain his own point of view and why he reacted the way he did:


Most times, all it takes is a little understanding and a proper way of communication for couples to thrive in their relationship. It doesn’t help to lock up the hurt and pain we feel when our partners hurt us, so I was really glad when Joyful said she was going to release herself to her husband:


Big thanks to this wonderful couple! I hope we learnt a thing or two from their story. May our marriages continue to be sweet and closely knit with that special bond.

This episode is a must watch and is still available for online streaming on


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